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Article originally published in L'Observateur on March 14th, 2021. English translation provided by Google Translate

MARRAKECH - Morocco continues to attract foreign directors. Canadian filmmaker, screenwriter and producer Gino Justin McKoy has chosen to shoot his semi-fiction film "Lumina" between Los Angeles, the sumptuous desert of Agafay, the Atlas mountains and the majestic backdrops of Ouarzazate.

A first in Morocco. Marrakech will host its first science fiction film and it is signed Gino Justin Hudson McKoy. Supported by a prestigious cast including Eric Roberts, Julia Roberts’s brother, Ken Lawson and Eleanor Williams, the film "Lumina" features a young college graduate whose girlfriend disappears in a blinding flash. Set off on his quest, he plunges into a dangerous network of otherworldly distortions ... Note that most of the scenes alternate between the Atlas Mountains and the Agafay Desert.

Falling under the spell of the ocher city and the diverse landscapes of southern Morocco, the Canadian director, screenwriter, musical producer and singer confides that the choice of Morocco was "symbolic" for him, because being from the Caribbean, his country shares according to him. several similarities with Africa. "Morocco has a diversity of landscapes and a strong cultural heritage which are specific to it and which make it a blessed land for directors, without forgetting the human potential," confides Hudson McKoy who admits to having "found in this country the landscapes and places I dreamed of for my film, between Ouarzazate and Marrakech (Agafay desert, Agdz road…). I find that the landscapes of this country have a gargantuan potential worthy of the greatest productions of the genre, like Alien and Predator ".

Deeply touched by Moroccan hospitality, the Canadian director plans to shoot another film in the ocher city "I have a film in preparation that I wrote with the American-Canadian screenwriter Michael Sloan who is also the producer of the film Equalizer with Denzel Washington. I would like to shoot it in Morocco, in Marrakech more precisely! », He concludes.

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