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MARCH 26, 2021 Written by ANAIS ROBIN, Editor

This article originally appeared in Made in Marrakech

MARRAKCH - Morocco continues to seduce crowds and attract foreign film shoots. The shooting of Lumina, the very first science fiction film in Morocco, has just ended. The team of this feature film chose to put their bags down at the Kech Boutique Hotel & Spa during their stay in Marrakech.

Who is behind this film?

Gino Justin Hudson McKoy, a multi-hat man: Canadian singer-songwriter, director, film producer, screenwriter and music producer. He has set his sights on the regions of Marrakech and Ouarzazate, between mountain and desert, for the shooting of his first feature film for which he is writing and directing.

Lumina is the very first sci-fi film to be shot in Morocco, slated for release this summer. The cast includes renowned actors: Eric Roberts (Julia Roberts' brother), Ken Lawson and Eleanor Williams. During their stay in Marrakech, the film crew stayed at the Kech Boutique Hotel & Spa .

And to be patient while waiting for its release, here is a brief taste of it : at the center of the story, 

the exploits of an amateur videographer, a conspiracy theorist and a manipulative vixen who set out in search of the lover of their friend who disappeared in a flash. A journey that will change some lives and take others!

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